We, Elena and Paul Kazantsev glad to see you on our website!

You unites us with big love for cats, and a huge interest in the breed Maine Coon!

Our cattery is relatively young, but the cats we engaged in a long time. Love coons began suddenly, and it grew and grew, and eventually we had a sufficient number of animals to start working in the breed.

About Maine coons can talk endlessly, but it is our submission that this breed combines all the qualities that should have a real cat! They are unobtrusive, infinitely tender and kind, very attached to people, clean, with a very pleasant soft and silky fur, and THEY are GREAT!

Our cats live freely, move around the home, participate in all household chores and help where possible. Meet at the entrance, checking out the shopping, help to cook and clean up, and, of course, Marcheline sing songs at night.

We hope that after visiting our website, You will want to purchase the same furry pet, and You will become a fan of this interesting breed, like a Maine Coon!